Men's Business

Our Hosts Are Chris (Left) and Daryl (Right)

Each Month We Have Different Segments Which Give You Tools To Use In Your Daily Life


We aim to create a space where men can open up and be themselves without judgement. We ask for each of us to support the rest in creating a brotherhood of support. 




We aim to create a safe space for men to be their raw unpolished selves and to express themselves without judgement.

A space to break free from societal beliefs, programming and limitations.

A space where participants have your back & hold you accountable for your shit and to stay on track with setting your personal goals and working towards them.

Work on oath setting and keeping that oath to yourself.

We aim to give you tools and practical knowledge to use to improve your life.

Our wish is to provide you with self empowerment and step into positive masculinity, becoming your own leader and improve relationships with loved ones and on a professional level.



Here Are Some Pictures From Previous Events


We Will Present On Different Topics Each Month along With Guest Speakers Here And There

Chris Sulfa


Chris Sulfa is a Father, creative and idealist, passionate about personal and spiritual development. He is a creative in the fitness industry and an advocate for mental health, personal expression and self empowerment.


Daryl Krol


Daryl is a carpenter/builder who grew up in Sydney in a fairly mixed up and dysfunctional family that involved emotional and physical abuse. After ending up on the wrong side of the law a few times, He decided that He needed to sort His shit out. He went into some spirituality, the military, delved into some Shamanic practices along with becoming an animist and training in Plant Spirit Ceremonialist Training (under Sharon Bolt of Shamanic Energy Training), Certificate of metaphysics from (The Chiara College Of Metaphysics) Reiki Master Practitioner under (Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki), and a few other things.

After a lot of healing and inner work or reflection, along with plant medicine He is ready to help others on their journeys.


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